Broadband and internet connection frustrates York residents the most

YORK residents have the most frustrations about their internet connection in the city, a new study has found.

The research from a popular broadband provider, Zen Internet, found that 61 per cent of York adults find it “very stressful” when their broadband or WiFi doesn’t work properly in the local area.

Specifically, they mentioned the lack of connectivity in certain rooms, losing broadband connection on work calls at home or taking a long time to download films as their top frustrations.

As a result of their internet woes, nearly 30 per cent of people surveyed in York would change their current provider but feel there is limited choice or no access to a quality connection.

Despite many York residents feeling that there is a lack of viable alternatives, over half, or 57 per cent, would consider switching broadband provider next year.

Zen Internet, a B Corporation and the UK’s only Which? recommended provider for Broadband, has recently launched full fiber services over the CityFiber network in York.

To check if the service is already available in your area or to sign up for availability updates visit the website at: or call the team on 01706 902 954.

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