Check out your Xbox gameplay stats for 2022 using this cool tool

What you need to know

  • #MyYearOnXbox is a popular hashtag right now on gaming Twitter with everyone sharing their year’s gameplay stats on the Xbox.
  • The graphic closely mimics the Playstation wrap-up and is made by TrueAchievements by logging in or registering for an account.
  • The infographic tool has proved so popular that it had to be temporarily suspended for fixes following 20,000 new registrations to the website.

The social media marketing trend of giving subscribers end-of-year stats is a no-brainer for easy advertising, with Spotify leading the charge on the #Wrapped trend, other subscription services now clamor to get their own out for the end of the year. Even gaming brands are in on the action with PlayStation launching its 2022 Wrap-Up and Nintendo with its Year in Review.

Xbox this year is notably absent again from the trend and has shown no interest in putting together a wrap-up for their audience, but thanks to the team at TrueAchievements you can get a cool infographic knocked up in a couple of clicks that is closely modeled off the Playstation format.

How to get your #MyYearOnXbox stats

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