Coronation Street reveals a twist over Jacob’s connection to Harvey

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street aired a shocking twist over the true connection between Jacob and Harvey.

Previously, Corrie Viewers knew that Jack James Ryan’s Jacob was working for Harvey (Strictly Come Dancing‘s Will Mellor) when he joined the show last year. He was a bit of a bad boy back then but has since been on a steady character arc that has seen him accepted by the residents of Coronation Street.

Now, however, the arrival of Jacob’s dad Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) has revealed the truth about the relationship between Jacob and Harvey. Harvey is, in fact, Jacob’s uncle.


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Early in Monday’s episode, Damon turned up and met with his son, saying he wanted to make things right. An unimpressed Jacob rejected him.

Jacob explained that his dad used to turn up every few months with presents and cash, but those visits became increasingly sporadic until he only visited once every few years. Jacob explained the last time he saw Damon was on his 16th birthday.

Despite Jacob’s obvious pain at seeing his dad, however, Amy told Jacob to talk to his dad and explain his anger directly to him — otherwise, he might regret missing the opportunity to do so.

harvey gaskell with a prison guard in coronation street


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Jacob then reluctantly met Damon and told his dad he didn’t “want anything” from him.

“If you’d have been here a few months back. If you’d have been here at any point over the last four years… I had nothing. Less than nothing. I could barely feed myself, dad. Having to scrounge around doing jobs for Harvey,” Jacob said.

A shocked Damon asked Jacob if Harvey was looking after him.

“He was looking after me all right. Paying me next to nothing to deal pills, threatening me, calling you a waste of space. When I tried to get away, he nearly killed me. He beat me up so bad, I was in hospital for a week.”

jacob hay in coronation street


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Damon was dismayed at the fact that Harvey had harmed Jacob and in a throwaway line said “if my brother tried to hurt you” before Jacob cut him off and explained to him that he has a new life he wants to protect without people finding out about his past.

“If they knew who I was. If they knew Harvey was my uncle, it’d all be over,” Jacob said.

This is the first time it has been confirmed that Jacob is actually related to Harvey.

jacob damon coronation street


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Jacob and Damon continued to talk, with Jacob still insisting that he didn’t want anything to do with his “rubbish dad”. Damon, however, insisted he’s going to “make it up” to Jacob. After Jacob left the bar, Damon hopped on the phone and asked someone “for a favour”.

Later, a prison inmate told a guard to leave his post: “Don’t you worry, mate. Damon Hay will make it worth your while.” The inmate then entered Harvey’s cell holding a wooden baton.

Later, Jacob and Amy attended lunch with Damon, who pleaded to let him make it up to Jacob. Meanwhile, Jacob overheard Leanne saying that Harvey had been beaten up in prison.

coronation street, damon, jacob

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Jacob confronted Damon about this information but Damon denied all involvement, although he did say Harvey deserved the brutal attack for what he did to Jacob. Notably, Jacob looked quietly pleased with Damon’s display of loyalty.

Jacob left the lunch by shaking Damon’s hand, suggesting that perhaps there is a way forward for the father and son. Later, Damon talked to Nick and revealed it was his money that was used to set up Nick’s bistro business.

Nick said he didn’t expect the money back but ominously added he’ll be hanging around…

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