Cozy Up to the Fireplace of Your Fave Hogwarts Legacy House

‘Tis the season to wrap up warm and use archaic language! ‘Tis also the season for fake fireplaces, because contemporary construction considers real ones hazardous! If you’re the type of person that looks to YouTube for a 4K video to make your living room feel that little more cozy, then by golly does Hogwarts Legacy have a treat for you!

Following on from the developer’s ASMR series, it’s now released four separate fireplace videos. These, rendered in full 4K from the PS5 and PS4 game, show each common room’s distinctive heart in meticulous detail. Unfortunately, these don’t come with ambient wood crackling sounds, and in just four minutes you’ll need to loop the video yourself, but YouTube has tools for that these days.

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling warmer already! (Well, that’s probably because the arctic conditions have temporarily subsided outside, we suppose.)


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