Daily horoscope for December 22, 2022 – forecast for all star signs

Mercury is starting to tie with Uranus and could bring some change (Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Mercury is making its way to Uranus, which may mean there could be some changes heading your way.

For Taurus, an attraction could take place over the coming days, so keep the mistletoe to hand.

Pisces, the Mercury and Uranus tie could see you move up in the world, but only if you mix with the right people. You may want to choose your company wisely.

Ahead, you’ll find all the star signs’ horoscopes for December 22, 2022. Read on for your full forecast.


March 21 to April 20

Want to get something exciting off the ground? A promising aspect means you’ll be keen to get things moving at a speedy pace. Expect the unexpected too, as someone may call or show up with a gift or festive wishes, and be a delightful distraction. Need to reconcile with a friend or relative? It might not be easy to reach out to them, but in your heart, you know it’s the right thing to do.

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April 21 to May 21

An attraction is possible over coming days, and could be the result of Mercury’s expressive lingering tie to electric Uranus. It could be a kiss under the mistletoe that allows you to realize how drawn you are to someone. Your meeting may have occurred unexpectedly, but it might show promise for the future. Ready to seek out a challenge? It may be really good for you.

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May 22 to June 21

The emphasis on a powerful zone, means you’re likely to read between the lines when having a chat. You’ll immediately sense if someone has an issue, even if they’re trying hard not to bring it up. Taking the time to talk to them allows them to share if they want to. At this seasonal time, reaching out can make all the difference to someone’s happiness and sense of belonging.

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June 22 to July 23

A seasonal meet-up could be a delight, and though you might enjoy the interaction, it may leave you feeling in need of some time out, Cancer. The Moon in Scorpio hints that a break and a chance to recharge or pamper yourself can be beneficial. It could help you to step back and prioritize your holiday plans, but also enable you to feel balanced and more at peace with life.

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July 24 to August 23

You can feel a sense of relief and happiness, even if you do have a lot on your plate, and this might be because you’ve decided to do what’s best for you in one area of ​​life. It may not seem like a big deal to others, but to you it can be, as this might be the beginning of a path that leads to greater freedom. Someone could object, but the benefits will far outweigh the negatives, Leo.

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August 24 to September 23

Someone may have a powerful effect on you, with an instant attraction being possible. If you do feel romantically inclined, the current line-up can be perfect for a light-hearted date. It’s also a good time to dive into new experiences and seize opportunities. A meeting could sizzle with potential regarding a project or collaboration. Taking things further might be a game changer.

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September 24 to October 23

Teaming up with others to organize an outing could be an upbeat occasion, and one way to get the festivities off to a sizzling start. You’ll have an opportunity for an outing that brings friends or family together. Whether it’s a spa break or a short trip to a scenic place for a meal, it will be a happy time that can make good memories. You’ll start the holiday week on a roll, Libra.

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October 24 to November 22

With upbeat activity in your communication sector, this may be the perfect opportunity to connect with people who could help you take things to the next level. If you are a social media aficionado, the coming days and weeks can see good results by making friends and sharing ideas. One sparkling conversation might prove very productive if you follow through, Scorpio.

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November 23 to December 21

Thinking out of the box can be useful, whether you’re planning an excursion or keen to solve a problem. While the old ways may be reliable, you’ll have an even better experience if you opt for something fresh. With the livelier, far-reaching energies of Jupiter encouraging big ideas, and the chance of sparkling insights from a Mercury/Uranus tie, get ready for a breakthrough, Archer.

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December 22 to January 21

If you have a creative skill or excel at a hobby you may be in luck, as an opportunity to showcase your talents can show up. Plus, making time for seasonal encounters can boost your mood, Capricorn. A quirky conversation might impact you more than you realize, and inspire you to explore a cutting-edge idea or opportunity that may lead to a discovery, if you follow it up.

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January 22 to February 19

With the focus on a sensitive sector intensifying, you may feel better if you surround yourself with people who are positive, inspiring and generally good company. The coming days can have deep significance for you, with events having a potentially life-changing effect. And although there might not be too much happening on the surface, the impact could be profound, Aquarius.

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February 20 to March 20

With expressive Mercury now forging an angle to zesty Uranus, mixing with the right people could help you move up in the world. Choose your company carefully, as an opportunity might arise that takes you into a whole new league. Plus, a kiss under the mistletoe can lead to a promising first date. Who knows where things will go from there, if you want them to, Pisces.

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