Destiny 2’s Season Of The Seraph Has Two Unsolvable Mysteries Right Now

In a recent TWAB, Bungie made a big point about saying that Destiny 2 would still get new secrets in the future, after fan complaints that they hadn’t done a secret mission or big secret puzzle in a while. They implied some may be quite close indeed:

“But as we’ve developed our plans leading to Lightfall and beyond, I want to reassure you that the community’s feedback is heard loud and clear, and “putting more secrets into Destiny 2” is an initiative our teams have been working on for months. before this conversation recently came to a head. Some secrets will be small, some will be large, some will come next year, and some are right around the corner, but I promise you that we’ve got a talented group of people who love this type of content and who know what it is. means for the community to discover and experience it.”

Tomorrow should bring with it a new exotic quest for a multi-catalyst weapon, Revision Zero, that is not a secret per se, but it may come attached with a few. Currently, there are two major secrets fans have discovered in Season of the Seraph, one that seems directly tied to this exotic, one that may be…something else.

The Balls

Almost immediately when the season started, players notice some strange new objects that have appeared all over the map in seemingly random locations. They can best be described as…large balls, ones that look like some sort of Bray-based technology, if I had to guess.

There have been 35+ found so far, but more keep appearing and being found, and it appears there will be 50 of them in total, similar to other collectibles that Destiny has put in the game in the past. They are immune when shot, so everyone has the same idea for this one, that once the new exotic weapon is live tomorrow, we will take that weapon and be tasked with shooting 50 of these balls with it all over the solar system.

The reward will be…what, exactly? We know that Revision Zero has multiple catalysts. My current theory is that a “hard mode” version of the exotic quest, or some puzzle within that quest, will produce one catalyst. The other may be acquired by hunting down these 50 balls. I can’t prove that yet, I guess it could be an ornament or something, but I’m almost positive it’s related to this specific exotic. The dungeon bow didn’t unlock anything, so it has to be this.

The hack terminals

This one…this one is weirder.

At the end of several lost sectors in Destiny 2 right now there are these terminals with a holographic Hakke logo, the weapon foundry that makes hard hitting, structure damaging guns. You can approach the terminal but it says “Access Denied: Cipher Required.”

Given that it doesn’t seem like the new exotic has anything to do with Hakke, it’s really unclear what this is meant to be. We have a tiny amount of Hakke lore this season I’ve seen, namely an entry about how they upgraded a glaive they found (the new Seraph one), but besides that, this could be part of the story missions, where maybe one week we’ll have to go around and find all these as some sort of thing to help build Rasputin’s frame, or it’s something else entirely. The word “cipher” generally has to do with puzzles, and while I’m not leaping to any conclusions that this is some giant mystery, it is…a mystery all the same, and I really don’t know where this one is going .

So, those are the two from this season. More may be clear tomorrow when the exotic quest arrives, but until then, we’ll keep guessing.

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