Doddie Weir’s sons read poem at celebration service

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By Timmy Douglas

The legendary mad giraffe that all of us can picture, who raised our spirits, made us laugh, has played his final fixture.

With Doddie’s final tryline crossed, all opposition scatter.

It isn’t that he won or lost, its how he lived that matters.

Self-deprecating, self-reliant, hero to the nation, a truly humble, gentle giant, total inspiration.

He faced life with a gleeful grin and charismatic laughter, “though well aware he couldn’t win.

Daft girls aye grow later.

We’ll see you at the Greenyards, Doddie, Eildons on the skyline, sound in wind and limb and body, charging for the tryline.

We’ll see outrageous tartan suits appear at every level, cracking jokes and cocking snooks and laughing at the Devil.

Our heart reaches out to Kathy and her girls.

Remembering’s hold of light and power softens sadness and sadness.

This man was everybody’s friend, his passing truly tragic.

He touched our heartstrings to the end. His life and times were magic

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