Emmerdale spoilers – Ethan and Marcus confront Greg after groping

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Ethan and Marcus have confronted Greg after a groping attempt in Emmerdale.

Marcus has been growing increasingly uncomfortable with Ethan’s colleague at the law firm, Greg, making unwanted advances to him behind his partner’s back in recent days.

Monday’s episode (December 19) saw the unease continue when Ethan announced that Greg would be joining them for lunch.

“It’s his call, he’s the boss, the career-maker,” Ethan pointed out.


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Ethan was disappointed when Marcus made an excuse that he needed to meet up with Victoria so he wouldn’t be coming to lunch.

Victoria encouraged Marcus to open up to Ethan about the way Greg had made him feel uncomfortable, but he worried he was just being “paranoid”.

Marcus argued that Ethan “deserves better” so he excused himself to join his boyfriend and Greg for lunch before it was too late.

When he turned up, Greg made an excuse to get Marcus alone and then repeatedly tried to grope his leg.

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“I’m not interested in you,” Marcus insisted.

Ethan interrupted just as Marcus shoved Greg up against the wall, but Greg made up that he’d been the one who’d been groped.

“Ethan, he made a move on me and he wouldn’t let go. I had to make him back off,” Marcus explained.

Greg was stunned when Ethan ordered him out, calling him “a disgrace”. Greg warns Ethan not to be “foolish” because the partners at their firm trusted him.

“We’ll see how long that lasts,” Ethan shot back.

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Once Greg left, Ethan apologised for putting Marcus in this position and they shared a hug. Marcus explained that he hadn’t told Ethan because he didn’t think anyone would believe him because of his background.

“You are not your father,” Ethan assured him. “I trust you.”

Ethan promised he’d be reporting Greg to the other partners because his career was “nothing” compared to his relationship with Marcus.

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