Here’s The Super Mario Bros.! Movie trailer recreated with N64 graphics

You either love it or you hate it, but if there’s one certainty in this postmodern capitalist society, it’s a movie adaptation of a beloved franchise starring Chris Pratt.

At least you can have fun with it, and that’s exactly what YouTuber and animator King Bob Gaming did, having recreated the entire trailer with Nintendo 64 graphics.

The video is a near frame-by-frame recreation of the trailer, with authentic assets from Super Mario 64.

Minus Chris Pratt’s underwhelming “let’s a-go” line, I quite enjoyed this rendition of the movie. But the most compelling scene was without doubt Bowser pulling off half of Luigi’s low-polygon mustache.

The actual trailer for comparison.

The Super Mario Bros.! Movie is due to be released in April 2023. Will you be heading to the cinema to watch? I personally will probably wait until it hits a streaming service before feeling compelled to give it a go.

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