HiFight’s Combo Showcase Vol. 2 demonstrates stylish sequences for all 8 characters in the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta

During the first Closed Beta period for Street Fighter 6, HiFight released a Combo Showcase that demonstrated the abilities of all eight characters from the beta. Not much has changed from a gameplay perspective going into the Closed Beta 2, but HiFight is able to demonstrate how his knowledge of Street Fighter 6’s mechanics has expanded with the Combo Showcase Vol. 2

Ken gets a bonus sequence as he’s able to recreate Evo Moment #37 against Chun-Li’s level 2 super. HiFight does this in a practical and realistic manner as it simply holds the inputs for the Drive Parry against all hits until the very last hit.

Just before the final hit from Chun-Li’s level 2 super connects, HiFight releases the Drive Parry inputs so that he may perform a Perfect Drive Parry. By doing this, Ken has enough frame advantage to pull off a neutral jump punish, which is accurate to how Evo Moment #37 is supposed to work.

Thanks to Street Fighter 6’s expressive combo system, it would appear that most of the characters that have been playable so far have methods to link multiple supers together in a single combo. The scaling can become intense, but spending all that meter will certainly be worth it in situations where rounds can end early.

We’re not able to see how much damage each combo deals as HiFight has turned off the user interface for this video. Of course, this video does a good job of really showingcasing a proof of concept in terms of what’s possible in Street Fighter 6.

Check it all out in the video below:


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