High on life and the games that land a laugh

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In a rare twist on the Game of the Week formula here’s a take on a high profile game that actually did come out this week – and to quite some reception, too. The reaction to High on Life has been mixed, it’s fair to say, and it’s certainly been vociferous – Edwin’s spirited takedown of Squanch Games’ noisy shooter has been one of our most popular reviews of the year, which goes to show you all love to see proper shoeing.

The thing is, I think Edwin was quite kind to a game whose obnoxiousness is its calling card. Kinder than I might have been, anyway, after spending an evening in High on Life’s company earlier this week which proved both dry and draining. I’ve been a fan of Justin Roiland’s frenzied brand of humour since the early days of Rick and Morty, but High on Life does more than prove how what works in a 20-minute episode is ill-suited to a 12 hour adventure – it shows how prescribed humor in games is never as effective as when you’re the one powering the gag.

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