Katie Price reveals jaw-dropping bill to heat 19-room Mucky Mansion as she prepares for bankruptcy hearing

KATIE Price has she’s no stranger revealed to the energy crisis – with the radiators at her Mucky Mansion burning through cash.

The reality TV star, 44, said she is spending around £3,000 a month on heating alone.


Katie Price has faced rocketing costs at her Mucky Mansion

The punishing cost – which adds up to an annual bill of tens of thousands of pounds – comes as she seeks to modernize the manor.

She told The Sunday Times: “I’ve got the radiators on full but it’s crazy, the oil heating bill’s three grand every four or five weeks.”

The star added that it may have been cold in the room they were holding the interview in because her son Harvey, 20, broke a window the previous day.

According to the UK government, a typical household can expect to pay £2,500 in energy bills per year.

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Efforts to refurbish the 19-room farmhouse will soon be seen on the second series of Channel 4 show Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion.

Meanwhile, Katie – once reported to be worth £30million – is about to return to court with a hearing over her monster debts on 8 February.

The hearing at London’s Royal Courts of Justice had been due to take place in June this year.

Model and reality TV veteran Katie was declared bankrupt in 2019 after racking up debts of £3.2million.

She has since joined OnlyFans, the raunchy site that has made millionaires of celebs including her pal Kerry Katona, to boost her income.

In the interview published today, she also raised the prospect that she will open a beauty salon at her property.

She said: “Botox, fillers, all that. I’ve had enough of them in my life to know what’s good and what’s not.”

Katie added: “I’ve got the car parking, and I pay council tax on the bloody thing, so I might as well use it.”

She explained that the heating bills alone were £3,000 a month


She explained that the heating bills alone were £3,000 a month
Katie Price's Mucky Mansion sees major makeovers at the historic home


Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion sees major makeovers at the historic homeCredit: Channel 4

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