Serial burglar found in Robert De Niro’s house using the actor’s iPad while he slept

A serial burglar was discovered in Robert De Niro’s house using his iPad while he and his 10-year-old daughter slipped upstairs.

Police arrested Shanice Aviles after they caught her at Mr De Niro’s upper east side home at 2.45am in Manhattan and charged her with burglary.

Earlier reports claimed that Aviles, aged 30, had attempted to steal Christmas presents from underneath the actor’s tree.

Aviles, who is a convicted burglar with two dozen arrests, was spotted by police trying door handles at several places in the neighborhood.

Police lost sight of her for a few minutes as she turned the corner onto East 65th Street before noticing an open townhouse door.

Police noticed De Niro’s family photos

A tactical team was alerted and entered the residence where Aviles was found on the second floor using an iPad. After taking Aviles into custody, they went to the next floor where they noticed Mr De Niro’s family photographs.

Police woke Mr. De Niro and his ten-year-old daughter, who was sleeping in another room at the time of the incident. The pair was unharmed.

Mr De Niro is reported to be pressing charges against Aviles. Later on Monday, locksmiths could be seen outside of the house.

Aviles has been arrested nine times since November 21 by the 19th Precinct’s public safety team, who discovered her at Mr De Niro’s home. There are multiple bench warrants out for her arrest.

She has been arrested 27 times, including Monday’s incident, mainly for burglaries, including one in Queens on Black Friday.

Mr De Niro, a two-time Academy Award winner, is one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors, best known for his appearances in The Godfather, Taxi Driver, Heat and Raging Bull.


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