The Quest Steps For Destiny 2’s New Exotic, Revision Zero, Live Now

Bungie may be on break, but Destiny 2 has debuted its new exotic quest and weapon today all the same. It wasn’t a secret, we knew it was coming, but the new mission, Operation Seraph’s Shield, may certainly contain a few.

So, how to get it? It’s relatively straight forward to get your hands on the gun itself, but after that there are…additional steps, and it’s going to be a long-term project we work on throughout this season. But yes, you will get a copy of it today. You’ll just be upgrading it in the future.

Step 1: Do a Heist

Yeah that’s it. Just do one from the playlist. There is not a new fourth one this week, so any of them will do.

Step 2: Complete Operation Seraph’s Shield

Look, I ain’t doing a full walkthrough of the thing, as that’s part of the fun, but it will start out in the story area we’ve been doing things in the last few weeks, and then you will rocket up to the Warmind Seraph station which looks suspiciously like a chunk of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

There you will find DSC-lite mechanics. The Scanner buff, which highlights interactable things, the Operator buff, which highlights shootable panels, and the Suppressor buff, which will deactivate enemy shields. While DSC required juggling these roles across six people, it’s fairly easy to do it solo here, it just takes a little while. I completed this whole mission solo in about 45 minutes with little trouble in combat, and only getting stuck on puzzles a couple of times. But you’ll figure it out. There’s one part with a deadly floor I’d advise snapping a photo of on your phone for reference before you have to do it blind. You’ll see what I mean.

Step 3: Get Revision Zero, Craft Revision Zero

So, you will end up getting a copy of the gun from Clovis at the end of this (really from a Hidden agent, who is shepherding this weapon quest in the lore). You are then told to craft it, and you’ll have to complete the red frame one you have and extract the pattern to do so. You will create a nearly identical copy to the one you have, given that so much of it remains locked. It has a 4 burst and 2 burst fire, and is intrinsic anti-barrier. It’s fun

Step 4: Catalysts/Other Perks

The catalysts for this weapon, which give it additional perks like Feeding Frenzy or Outlaw in a crafting slot, will go live as the weeks press on. Probably four more weeks to get them all. Presumably it will involve re-running the exotic mission more times.

There are other aspects to this that remain something of a mystery. Revision Zero is able to shoot those mystery balls all over the solar system, but at the time I’m writing this, no one seems sure of what happens when you get all 50. So more pieces to this puzzle will be unfolding in time.

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