The Sussexes don’t speak for my generation

Polling suggests that young people have a better opinion of the Sussexes than the population as a whole. But many of us find Harry and Meghan just as cringeworthy as our parents do.

The Sussexes’ public display of embarrassment seems to come close to grandiose delusion. The notion that they must publicly “share their truth”, all the while claiming that they wanted a private life away from media attention, feels entirely disingenuous.

It is particularly striking to hear two people publicly parade their “trauma” whilst simultaneously rolling footage of their Windsor VIP suite at Heathrow. We are facing a cost of living crisis, many British people are having to choose between heating their homes and hot meals, and yet Harry and Meghan whine from their reported net worth of $60 million. I for one do not have any sympathy. It does seem quite odd to claim to hate the media, and then proceed to accept £20 million to make a six-part documentary. Surely the sensible thing to do if they really wanted the media to back off, would it be to lie low?

With the rise of social media, connecting with people is easier than ever, and we tend to share more of our lives with the world.

I am certainly partial to an Instagram or Facebook post about an event I attended that week, or a tweet about my opinion on a given topic. However, Harry and Meghan decided to air their dirty laundry out for the world to see. This is not the norm among my generation. Most of us are selective about what we share with the internet, and value our private lives. Most of us keep the personal details of family disputes away from the public, in fact I was brought up to do so.

I do not particularly care about the intimate details of royal psychodrama. I do not care about what minor royals were wearing this week, no more than I care about Harry and Meghan’s dislike of the monarchy as an institution. I do care, however, about the inaccuracies told. The first three episodes of their Netflix documentary touched on the British Empire, and attempted to link this to the treatment of Meghan. In their discussion of racism and Britain’s colonial history, Harry and Meghan suggested that the UK is a racist country:

“They were attitudes of superiority to people around the world but particularly Africans and often African Americans being of lesser prestige… some of these attitudes were very widespread in Britain and in some respects continue to be widespread.”

Whether you believe that the UK is a racist country or not, Meghan has imported an American conception of race relations and applied it to the UK. We do not have the same racial history as the US, and conflating this fact has resulted in her accusations being framed incorrectly. I do not believe that the royal family is racist, nor do I believe that a question about the color of her baby’s skin should have resulted in public accusations of racism.

Harry and Meghan, as members of the royal family, felt the need to publicly display the tensions within the family. Any family would seek to distance themselves from relatives who relentlessly attempt to denigrate them, and so there is no doubt in my mind that the Sussexes should be stripped of their titles.

Beyond the fact that they have attacked the very institution within which Harry was brought up, it is a family that has just experienced a great loss following the Queen’s death. They must be heartbroken. Harry and Meghan come across as out of touch, delusional, tone-deaf, and incredibly disrespectful. They don’t speak for my generation.


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