The Traitors airs stunning betrayal as another contestant goes home

The Traitors spoilers follow.

As the final draws closer, The Traitors was back tonight (December 20) for its last week – with yet another stunning betrayal and murder.

With just eight players left out of the 22 who started the game, it was time for breakfast revealing that Fay had been murdered the night before.

“Congratulations, the rest of you made it through another night and there aren’t many nights left,” Claudia told the gang as she announced their next mission: A stately home laser quest.


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During the day, Wilf turned on his fellow Traitor Amanda, telling the Faithfuls: “I’m not sure about Amanda, she dropped Theo like a piece of shit.”

“Amanda, I could get people on my side to get rid of her if I wanted to,” Wilf announced, promising to betray his friend in the not-so-distant future.

At another tense roundtable, Wilf said: “Amanda was on my mind because of the Theo thing.”

With the votes tied between Amanda and Maddie, Wilf made the final vote choosing to throw Amanda under the bus just as he did with Alyssa.

amanda, the traitors


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After being banished, Amanda told the shocked group: “I’m getting emotional now and I don’t cry. It’s been amazing. I’ll take lots away from you all and we will meet up again. You’ve all been absolutely brilliant, and I’ll take a lot back to Wales with me. I am a Traitor, guys.”

“I knew Wilf would throw me under the bus, he’s totally in it for himself,” Amanda said.

Giving his reasons to Claudia at the end of the night, Wilf said of Amanda: “I don’t trust her. I just kept thinking I haven’t built any relationship with her,” as he broke down in tears.

“I feel really bad and now I’m by myself, I feel rubbish,” he added, before Claudia offered Wilf the chance to recruit another Traitor who must accept his invitation or get murdered.

Choosing Kieran, and promising an exciting reveal in tomorrow’s penultimate episode, the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

The Traitors Continues on BBC One and iPlayer tomorrow night (December 21) at 9pm. Catch up on BBC iPlayer now.

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