Zagato teases the new Alfa Giulia SWB

Life comes at you fast, as the memes say, and never has the adage seemed truer than for the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were celebrating the return of an iconic name and, more importantly, a genuinely excellent Alfa sports saloon. Now, already, we’re preparing for a future without it, or at least a petrol-powered one, as Alfa Romeo prepares for an EV only range in 2027.

The demise of such a significant car needs a proper sign-off, and that’s where Zagato comes in. Sort of as it did with the old Aston Martin Vanquish, a dramatic new bodystyle is inbound for the Giulia at the end of its life. Rumored to be called Giulia SWB, it will resurrect one of the great Italian collaborations, Alfa and Zagato going back almost a century with cars like the 6C, 8C and, of course, early Giulias.

There’s not much to go on for the moment, though Zagato’s latest teaser shows off the Giulia’s 2.9-litre, twin-turbo V6, which we’ll assume will be in 540hp GTA spec. Because the only thing that sounds better than Zagato Giulia Quadrifoglio, surely, is Zagato Giulia GTA. The color is Montreal Green, which joined the Quadrifoglio range in the most recent update but was made famous by the stripped-out flagship.

Speaking of which, it seems like the Zagato car will go beyond even the most focused GT Am in its reworking. Note the carbon buckets and part of a roll cage behind them. In fact, that view of the rear seats makes it look very unlikely that the Zag will have rear doors at all; if this is to be a true SWB Alfa, then making a two-door sports car out of a four-door saloon is almost certain to mean a shorter wheelbase. And the more drastic the transformation, the more Zagato can charge…

That the social media cues currently hint at what seems to be a finished car, complete with badges, lights and some lovely teledial wheels, would suggest a reveal of this Zagato Giulia isn’t far away. Especially when it’s remembered that the old Giulia TZ, with its Kamm tail and Zagato aluminum body, made its debut in 1963. Or 60 years ago in less than two weeks.

Actual production will be further away, of course. And likely in spirit-crushing volume. Regardless, we’d prefer its introduction didn’t mean the end of the Giulia – but it’s building up to be one heck of a valedictory salute.

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